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this post goes out to all my followers out there who still like me

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this was so much fun ^^
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I am so bored kill me

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XD HELLO people I am on online for the day XD



“Why do people care so much about Ed/OC? We already know that he and Winry are happily married, just let people have their fun.”

Exactly!-__- Why are people getting so butt-hurt over people drawing EdxOC? Just because he marries Winry, and EdWin becomes canon- suddenly drawing him with any other girl isn’t allowed?? Even if that oc ISN’T A SUE?? Don’t make me laugh. Only a butt-hurt baby would whine over an issue such as EdxOC~xp
Lol, people need to chillax. It’s only a cartoon. And people do it in EVERY fandom! Not just FMAxDDD

Its make me laugh I been drawing Crystal and Edward for years way before the manga was complete or before brotherhood came out so I don’t care if Winry gets with Ed in the end » it does piss me off when people get upset over it when an oc is drawn with Edward so who care if people like edxoc or edxwin what the differnt let the fan enjoy what we want and just get along thank you
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